BiG Citizens

Read each Citizen's unique story.


About Aaron

Aaron was born in Lake Forest, IL and LOVES people. He is compassionate, tender hearted, and a licensed Pastor. Aaron is part of the BiGGL Pastoral care. His favorite thing to do at BiGGL is to be an encouragement to others, creatively write, paint, and bring devotionals. Aaron is currently working on a book and sees himself traveling the world, changing the way people view those with disabilities.


About Anna

Anna was born in Romania and now resides in Lake Villa, IL. She loves floor hockey, bicycling, dancing, basketball, yoga, and traveling too, especially back to her home country. Anna loves baking and creating at BiGGL and shines as a true artisan.


About April

April was born in Canada and now lives in Waukegan, IL. She carries much joy and she brings laughter wherever she goes. At BiGGL April enjoys pottery and cooking. She loves people and is an extravagant giver at heart, always showering others with gifts. In her spare time she loves to shop and talk with friends. She dreams of having her own living space at BiGGL soon.


About Carlos

Carlos was born in Highland Park, IL and now lives in Kenosha, WI. He is a thoughtful, reflective man who loves nature, exercising, and gardening. He is a true poet and excellent writer. At BiGG he communicates using RPM and likes writing words of encouragement and inspirational writings. He is in the process of writing his own book and hopes to have it published soon.


About Charlie

Charlie was born in Lake Forest and now resides in Wadsworth, IL. Charlie is gifted in swimming, loves to horseback ride (especially with a friend), watch "I love Lucy", dance, and keep up with the Blackhawks. At BiGGL he loves creating in art, making fudge and granola, and works with great precision. Charlie assists us with quality control at BiGGL with his gift of excellence.


About Emanuel

Emanuel was born, raised, and lives in Waukegan, IL. He loves traveling, baseball, cooking, gardening, and taking care of his cats at home. He is a great athlete and at BiGGL he enjoys baking and exercise. Emanuel hopes to work selling products in a store. (maybe a BiGGL store? 🙂


About Fermin

Fermin resides in Kenosha, WI. He is an excellent listener and a worship leader. At BiGGL he loves to praise, exercise, drum, create pottery, and bake. Fermin is "on task" to the minute, and helps others stay on task. He is an excellent listener, and in his spare time loves to swim and exercise.


About Gabe

Gabe lives in Kenosha, WI. He is an excellent listener, very friendly, gentle, and loves to communicate his heart during devotions and social time. Gabe is a justice advocate and enjoys reading. At BiGGL he loves making soaps, exercise, praise and painting.


About Gavin

Gavin resides in Racine, Wisconsin. He is a beautifully gifted writer and inspirational communicator/speaker. Gavin is currently working on his own book, and at BiGGL loves to share devotions, gym, art projects and to work on creative writing for enterprises


About James

James was born in Olympian Fields, IL and now resides in South Holand, IL. He loves wrestling, playing drums, going to church, and playing batman. At BiGGL he plays drums in our BiGGL worship team, and loves to bake in our culinary enterprises.


About Karl

Karl was born in Evanston, IL and now resides in Kenosha, WI. He is a full-fledge gifted artist on all fronts. In his spare time he loves to draw, paint, spend time with Nana, and take pictures with his camera. At BiGGL Karl loves to make fudge, draw, and exercise.


About Lydia

Lydia is our helping lead at BiGGL. She has a very warm mothering heart, and truly helps us all care for each other. She is an avid book reader, history connoisseur, and loves her Boston Terrier Lucy. At BiGGL she loves to bless others and help us be more efficient. She is a wonderful assistant, and teaches us much as well.


About Sawyer

Sawyer lives in Gurnee, IL and loves to ride his bike with his grandfather. He has a great sense of humor and a gentle spirit. Sawyer enjoys cooking and would like to be a food critic.


About Ted

Ted resides in Gurnee, IL. Just joining BiGGL in June 2022, he is one of our newest Citizens. He enjoys exercise, painting, and in his spare time, grocery shopping, going for rides, and Dean Martin.