why we do what we do

 BiG Great Lakes is an "out of the box" innovative entrepreneurial community for adults with special needs where we make and sell high end artisan products, while providing community, connection and a culture of honor. We want to change the way the world views this population by taking the "status quo" of providing these individuals with custodial support to these individuals creating beautiful marketable items to sell to help sustain the vocational community they enjoy everyday. They have become artisans, bakers, gardeners, potters, card makers and more.   
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Our Mission

To provide an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and validates dignity and respect for adults with disabilities.  To change the way the world views adults with special needs

Our Vision

To build an entrepreneurial program with a high end gift shop and cafe, and a residential community where Citizens with disabilities will continue to learn, work, and thrive, being celebrated and empowered in a God-centered environment as they engage in meaningful work and service. 


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Our Citizens are each

Unique like a sunflower.

Sunflowers have seeds that can lay dormant for years. Given the opportunity and the right conditions to grow, these seeds are activated and bloom into breathtaking flowers. BiG Citizens are like these seeds. Our nurturing environment may be the factor, like sunlight on a dormant seed, that helps them blossom into their full potential.